About Electrogamez


ELECTROGAMEZ USA INC was founded in 2002. Our headquarters are located in Miami, Florida; and we have 3 satellite offices in Panama, Colombia and Hong Kong. We also have a wide distribution network in Latin America for our Huskee brand products which include Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Costa Rica. Since our foundation we have been working with a lot of dedication to take entertainment and electronic products to all the customers possible in Latin America. We are commited to  providing premium products, great service and prices!


About our products


Our efforts are focused in making all electronic products more accessible to everyone, providing the best prices and a great service to all of our customers through our network of offices located in strategic places around North America, Asia and Latin America.

The products we offer include different types like videogames, cellphones, tablets, digital cameras and some other consumer electronics with brands like Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry , Sony, Kodak  among the ones we sell.

With our Huskee brand we have specific lines of products like video game accessories, Cell phones, tablets, Mp4 and Mp5 products. We are commited to taking  our brand further  in the markets and being first for our top quality and our great service.